[iw] poster session

Vivek Pai vivek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat May 1 09:50:00 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that everyone has to do a poster at the
poster session. There are (hopefully) useful bits of info at

Some high-level bits of advice:

a) The top of your poster will be around 6 feet off the ground.
    Think of how to arrange things such that the most important
    points are near eye level and near the center of the poster.
    Use the bottom corners for details, rather than the conclusion.

b) It's often pretty easy to deal with a poster that's been made
    as a giant PDF and printed on a plotter. One location is on
    the page linked above, but I think there are other plotters
    on campus. This gives you the benefit that you can lay out
    the image however you want, without having to break it
    into pages.

c) I'll come to each poster and ask you for a 2-minute pitch.
    Since there are going to be 60 of you, I'm pretty much going
    to have to limit it to 2 minutes. Plan (and time) what you can
    say about your work in 2 minutes. Other faculty will also be
    around, and they won't have the same time constraint, so
    they might talk with you for much longer.

Good luck,

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