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Jonny Weiss jhweiss at princeton.edu
Mon May 10 03:14:46 EDT 2010

Also, I used a new service being offered by the university services:

<http://www.princeton.edu/printing/pm_services.html>You can email them a pdf
of your poster and they'll have a high-quality print for $3 / sq. ft
(student pricing). I printed a huge poster for $36, whereas the equivalent
at Kinko's would cost >= $100. Granted this still may be one of the more
expensive options. The main catch is that the printing services are located
at the Forrestal Campus (about a 5 minute drive up Route 1), although they
say they can deliver (I just drove there).



On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 2:01 AM, Hao Lian <hlian at princeton.edu> wrote:

> For people trying Triangle printing: I submitted a quote online
> through their form and they have not responded to me. I recommend
> walking down to their store and doing it rather than waiting for the
> online process to finish (from what I've heard from other people).
> Also, there are color printers in the CS department if people want to
> go that route:
> tux:~$ printers | grep General | grep Color | grep simplex
> xrx_233c/simplex 233      General 2400dpiColor  16 PS Level 3 XRX 8550DT
> 512 MB
> xrx_440c/simplex 440      General 2400dpiColor  16 PS Level 3 XRX 8550DT
> 512 MB
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