[iw] advice for a good presentation

Vivek Pai vivek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Oct 6 17:20:36 EDT 2010

In case you're wondering how to give a good proposal
presentation next week, there's some advice available
on the IW web page, at


In short
a) explain what you're going to do this semester/year
b) give some motivation, but don't dwell on background
c) explain how you'll evaluate your project and its success
d) plan what happens, both in terms of progress/timeline,
    and for what to do in case problems arise. Explain this plan

There are also some content-related items
a) unless you know how to design good slides, pick a
    standard, non-gaudy template that highlights your
    content but doesn't overpower it
b) don't cram too much on each slide - make it easy for
    your audience to read. If you're going to pack more
    than 7 lines of text and 7 words per line, think twice.
c) avoid complete sentences
d) graphs, diagrams, images, etc., are much more valuable
    than text or miming motions in the air
e) if a tired person can't read your slides from the back of
    the room without major eye strain, you need to rethink
    your slides. Avoid sans-serif fonts like Helvetica or Arial.

See you next week!

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