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HI Everyone, just a reminder from Dean Bogucki concerning thesis and 
independent work funding-

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Subject: APPS DUE TOMORROW: Senior thesis and independent work funding, 
fall 2010
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[This is a reminder that applications for thesis and independent work 
funding are due tomorrow, Friday, October 15, in my office, C-207 
E-Quad.      Look for a letter in your departmental mailbox early next 
week.    Please make your request an accurate and full reflection of 
what you need.    If you need $850, don’t put down $600.    Don’t use 
cents, round up to nearest $5  (I just added this stipulation, so if you 
already submitted an overly precise request, don’t worry, I’ll round it 
up.)    If you are part of a group project, make sure all members of the 
group are listed on the application.   –Dean Bogucki]


Seniors and juniors in the School of Engineering and Applied Science may 
apply for support for senior thesis and junior or senior independent 
work research from endowed funds administered by the SEAS Dean's 
Office.  An application form is attached in PDF format with fill-out 
fields into which you can type and save information about your project 
and the amount you need before printing it out to sign and to take to 
your adviser for his/her signature.  If you have a problem filling in 
the fields, just print out the form and fill it in by hand.   Fields 
outlined in red are required (basically, all of them).


These funds are normally restricted to consumable supplies, software, 
small equipment and parts, and travel for field experiments.   They do 
not generally cover books and journals, food, copying and thesis 
preparation costs, or capital equipment.    These funds are only to be 
used for projects that are being taken for formal independent work or 
thesis credit. If you are doing a project jointly with another student 
(e.g. in MAE, ELE), please submit a single application form with both 
names on it.    Please do not use this form to request funding for 
extracurricular engineering projects.    These grants normally do not 
exceed $600 per student, but please provide your full budget and we will 
do our best to accommodate it.    Requests in excess of this amount will 
be considered, but there is no guarantee that enormous requests can be 
met.    Students needing much more should consult with their adviser to 
determine the availability of alternate resources.   All awards are 
contingent on the availability of funds, and we reserve the right to 
reduce the amount awarded when we distribute the funds to the 


Please note that if you are using any part of this support for travel, 
you MUST comply with the University policies on undergraduate travel, as 
shown at http://www.princeton.edu/travel/policies/ and you must register 
your travel on the Travel Registration database.


Please return the completed form (on paper, with your thesis/IW 
adviser's signed endorsement and your two-page proposal and waiver of 
liability form) to my office (C-205) no later than Friday, October 15.   
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 
bogucki at princeton.edu <mailto:bogucki at princeton.edu>.  


--Dean Bogucki


Peter Bogucki

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs School of Engineering and 
Applied Science, Princeton University,

C-207 Engineering Quad, Princeton NJ 08544

tel: 609-258-4554 fax: 609-258-3996

http://www.princeton.edu/~bogucki <http://www.princeton.edu/%7Ebogucki>




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