[iw] proposal slot sign-ups available

Vivek Pai vivek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Sep 24 16:59:54 EDT 2010

Dear IW students,

Sign-up sheets for proposal presentation slots are
now available outside CS 210. Please sign up for a
slot before 4:30pm on Friday Oct 1. Remember that
when you sign up for a slot, you are also attending
the other two talks in that one hour time slot. While it
is nice to choose a slot that also works for your advisor,
your advisor's attendance is not mandatory, and
you need to sign up for a slot before the deadline.

Also, please remember that hard copies of your proposal
topic forms are also due on Friday Oct 1 by 4:30pm.
You can turn in the topic form separately from choosing
a slot, so especially if you have schedule constraints, please
do not wait until the last minute to pick a slot.


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