[iw] IW Singele Semester Final Report Due Tomorrow

Colleen E. Kenny-McGinley ckenny at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 10 15:40:26 EST 2011

Single Semester Final Reports are due tomorrow 1/11 no later than 4:30 PM.

Reports must have the cover sheet as outlined below.


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Good Afternoon Students,

Just a friendly reminder that the your final report for Independent Work 
is due on  Dean's Date JANUARY 11, 2010.   Please note this an updated 
due date and is a University deadline.  We cannot grant any extensions 
nor will any work be accepted after January 11, 2011.  Below please find 
the information needed to submit the PDF document:

Single-semester IW Final Report

This report is expected to be from 20-25 pages, but the length is not 
the most important factor -- the quality of the research and the quality 
of the writing are most important. Having said that, substantially 
shorter papers may not have sufficient content. If your paper is 
substantially longer, you may need to work on presenting your ideas more 
concisely. Talk to your advisor about exactly what they are looking for 
in your report. The best reports are prepared with enough time for the 
adviser to read over a draft and give comments for revision.
The report should look like a professional document –

Cover sheet:

Name:  First Last                          

Semester:  Fall 2010
Course:  (COS 397(BSE), COS 398(AB), COS 497(BSE), COS 498(AB),  AB 
Senior Thesis or BSE Senior Thesis

 12pt Times-Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced. It should contain 
a proper bibliography, and all non-original text should be properly 
attributed. Failing to cite appropriate sources for ideas, tables, text 
or diagrams is a serious violation of Princeton's code of ethics. If you 
are unsure about how to cite ideas or research papers properly and 
create a bibliography, speak with your advisor -- they can tell you 
exactly how to do it. Your report will be graded on the basis of its 
technical content, organization, creativity of ideas, and quality of 

Relevant charts, tables, diagrams, etc., should be included, with 
accompanying captions. Be sure to refer to each such chart in the main 
body of the text, clearly explaining its nature and purpose. The 
technique of "padding" papers using multiple, overly-large figures is 
well-known, and should be avoided. If you have lengthy code or auxiliary 
examples or detailed algorithms or long proofs or supplementary data of 
other kinds, it may not be appropriate to include this in its entirety 
in the main body of your report. However, you are encouraged to include 
such auxiliary data (if you feel it is appropriate) in a final portion 
of your report clearly labeled "Appendix." The Appendix may be as long 
as is necessary -- it may extend beyond 25 pages.

To submit your final report you must do the following by the deadline 
(see important dates page):
•        A copy of the final report should be uploaded to 

Please name your paper as follows:

•        A copy must be delivered to your advisor. Ask your advisor if 
he/she would like a printed copy and/or an electronic copy.

•        Email a copy to ckenny at cs.princeton.edu

Talk to your advisor about how to write your final report. For 
additional ideas, go to http://iw.cs.princeton.edu/10-11/ and look
under Single-semester IW Final Report for additional pointers.

Thank you,

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