[iw] project proposal scores/comments

Vivek Pai vivek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Oct 26 16:39:29 EDT 2011

Dear Students,

In separate e-mails to each of you, I will be including my notes from
your IW presentation if you presented to me.  Much of it may be
timing-related or short comments about your work. There are also a few
lines of comments or suggestions at the end. Some of these comments
are ways to improve the talk in the event you have to give it
again. If you're doing a single-semester IW, you won't be presenting
again until you're standing by your posters giving a summary of your
work and results. If you're doing a 2-semester/thesis, you'll have to
give a final presentation as well.

In terms of grades, here are the counts of the various grades:

      4 people received grade: Excellent
      5 people received grade: Excellent/Good
      7 people received grade: Good
      4 people received grade: Good/Fair
      9 people received grade: Fair


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