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HI Colleen, 
could you post this to iw? 
thank you, 

Dear IW students: 
Princeton's ACM student chapter is holding demo hours in the next two 
weeks; it may be helpful to you in figuring out how to communicate your 
findings to a broader audience (see message below) 

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Need practice demoing? Want some tips and pointers on what's *hot* and 
what's *not* in DemoLand? 

ACM is here to help you! Meet: Demo Hour. Come give a 5 minute demo for 

You're welcome to demo *anything*, from your COS 126 NBody assignment, 
to your super fancy thesis project, to the start-up project you worked 
on the last two summers. We will send out *demo tips* and have a 
*practice+advice* session beforehand. 

There will be two separate Demo Hours and practice sessions to choose 
1. Fri April 20, 8pm, with practice April 18, 9pm. 
2. Fri April 27, 8pm, with practice April 25, 9pm. 

Sign up HERE if you're interested: 

Also note: pre-frosh (and more) will be invited to both Demo Hours. So 
expect a real audience! 

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^^ demo hour makes this less scary! 


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