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Good Afternoon, 
Prof. Mona Singh and  Prof. Kai Li will be conducting the Independent Work presentations  on Monday, March 5th and Tuesday, March 6th.     
Below please find a link to the presentation schedule.  You will be able to link right into their calendar and make an appointment for your presentation .   
You will see on the calendar that their will be 6 slots each hour.   When you sign up for the slot, please remember that you must attend the entire hour of the 
presentations.   For example, if you sign up for the a 1:20 PM slot, you must be attend the session at 1 PM and the session will end at 2 PM.     So please 
chose your time slot carefully,  choose a day and time when you are available.    Prof. Singh and Prof. Kai will split you into two groups once the sign ups are completed.  There will be a separate email informing you of the room number for the time you have selected. 
Link into the Web Appointment scheduling system by the date and time listed below and log in using your net id.  Choose the time 
of your presentation and click the + sign to schedule your appointment.   
Monday, March 5, 2012 - 1 PM - 4 PM  click here . 
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 10 AM - 3 PM click now . 
Additional information regarding the presentations be found at the website:  http://iw.cs.princeton.edu/11-12/#Welcome_Meeting 
Remember, You are expected to sign up for one slot and attend all of the talks in that 1-hour time block (starting and ending on the hour). 
While attending you will fill out feedback forms for the students in your gro up . 
This is for Spring one semester students only!!! 


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