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Below please the Spring Independent Work Presentation Schedule for  Monday, March 5th & Tuesday, March 6th 
The schedule has listed the 1-hour time block that you signed up to present.   For example, if you signed up at 1:20 you are in the 1:00 hour to attend all of the talks in that 1-hour time block (starting and ending on the hour). While attending you will fill out feedback forms. You will give the forms to the other students in your group to give them tips that will help them improve their speaking abilities. You will be given 1 minute to set up, 12 minutes for the talk and 2 minutes for questions. An absolute maximum of 15 minutes from when the last person finished to when you finish. If your talk is too long you will be cut off in the middle -- manage your time carefully! You must upload your slides to the dropbox prior to the talk -- see below.  
Please note your room assignments and time of arrival for the presentation : 
Independent Work 	
Presentation Schedule 	
	Mona Singh 	Kai Li 
	Room 401 	Room 301 
	Monday, March 5th 	Monday, March 5th 
1:00 PM 	Travis Perlee 	Zane Ma 
	Kyle Wass 	Christpher Triolo 
2:00 PM 	Anna K. Simpson 	Rodrigo Menezes 
	Adam Stasiw 	Nathan Swaney 
	William Song 	Mark Ha 
3:00 PM 	Jinhua Xu 	Jeffrey Snyder 
	Kevin Mantel 	Chester Kwak 
	Krithin Sitaram 	Brian Huang 
		Bryan Richter 
	Mona Singh 	Kai Li 
	Room 401 	Room 301   
	Tuesday, March 6th 	Tuesday, March 6th 
10:00 AM 	Diego Vargas 	Edward Zhang 
	Eddy Ferreira 	Joshua Giles 
	Yingxue LI 	Richard Arietta   
11:00 AM 	Hana Snow 	Nitin Viswanathan 
	Amy Zhou 	Vladimir Costescu 
	Rafael Grinberg 	Wesley Verne 
1:00 PM 	Tierney Kuhn 	Kynan Rilee 
	Angela Dai 	Eric Weiser 
	Abulhair Saparov 	Matthew Dolan 
2:00 PM 	Brenda Hiller 	Gal Oshri 
	Syed Rafi Shamin 	Peter Grabowski 
	Ajay Roodakalu 	

Please upload a .pdf of your presentation here: 
Upload a .pdf of your talk by 8am the morning of your talk. Please name your slide as follows: 
(EG for Maria Smith presenting on Monday it would be: Monday_M_Smith.pdf) 
Students are expected to attend for an entire 1-hour block (starting and ending on the hour) and give feedback to other students in that time period. 
Consult with your advisor in advance if they would like to attend. 
Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Colleen Kenny-McGinley 
Undergraduate Coordinator 
Dept. of Computer Science 
ckenny at princeton.edu 
(609) 258-1746 
(609) 258-1771 (Fax) 


Colleen Kenny-McGinley 
Undergraduate Coordinator 
Dept. of Computer Science 
ckenny at princeton.edu 
(609) 258-1746 
(609) 258-1771 (Fax) 
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