[iw] IW Presentations - Upload your Presentation to Dropbox

Colleen E. Kenny-McGinley ckenny at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Mar 5 09:34:45 EST 2012


Please upload a .pdf of your presentation here: 
https://dropbox.cs.princeton.edu/COSIW_S2012/FinalPresentation Upload a .pdf of your talk by 8am the morning of your talk. Please name your slide as follows: 
(EG for Maria Smith presenting on Monday it would be: Monday_M_Smith.pdf) 


Colleen Kenny-McGinley 
Undergraduate Coordinator 
Dept. of Computer Science 
ckenny at princeton.edu 
(609) 258-1746 
(609) 258-1771 (Fax) 
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