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Good Afternoon, 

Here are the remaining due dates for Single Semester Independent Work and Thesis/2 Semester Work ! 
March 30, 4:30pm 
CS 210 	(IW only) Spring Semester Checkpoint Report and Form , signed by your advisor due to the UGC 
E-mail a PDF copy of your checkpoint report to iwcoord at lists.cs.princeton.edu with a subject line of "SPRING 2012 Checkpoint Report FirstName LastName" (with your name in place of FirstName LastName) 
March 26, 4:30pm 
CS 210 	(thesis and 2-semester only) Final Thesis Outline Due, signed by advisor, due to the UGC. The outline should be specific regarding your main results and contributions, and in whatever form your advisor deems suitable. 
April 30, 4:30pm 	(thesis and 2-semester IW only) Final Report Due, PDF e-mailed to advisor/reader and ( iwcoord at lists.cs.princeton.edu ). One printed copy should be delivered to the UGC in room CS 210. Note: There should be no statement regarding access and copying. There should be a statement indicating that the thesis is your own work in accordance with University regulations. 
April 30 -May 4 	(thesis and 2-semester IW only) Final Presentations this week. 
Please upload a .pdf of your presentation here: 
https://dropbox.cs.princeton.edu/COSIW_S2012/FinalPresentation Upload a .pdf of your talk by 8am the morning of your talk. Please name your slide as follows: 
(EG for Maria Smith presenting on Monday it would be: Monday_M_Smith.pdf) 
May 8, 4:30pm 	(IW only) Final electronic copy - mailed to your advisor and iwcoord at lists.cs.princeton.edu 
May 10, 2:00-5:00pm 
Carl Fields Room     All students ! 	Poster Session. Includes all thesis students, all 2-semester IW students, and all Spring IW students 
(show up by 1:45pm at the latest to set up your poster) 


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