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Nov 12, 4:30pm 
CS 210 	Fall Semester Checkpoint Report Form , signed by your advisor due to the UGC 
E-mail a PDF copy of your checkpoint report to iwcoord at lists.cs.princeton.edu with a subject line of "FALL 2012 Checkpoint Report FirstName LastName" (with your name in place of FirstName LastName) 

Welcome Back Students! 
Things were quite eventful while you were away! 
This is a reminder that the Checkpoint Report Form and Checkpoint Report are due on Monday, November 12th @ 4:30.     Checkpoint - Details 

Both thesis writers and single-semester IW researchers must prepare checkpoint documents approximately half-way (or 2/3rds of the way) through the semester. See the important dates page for exactly when. The purpose of the checkpoint document is to make sure that everyone is making good progress on their research and will be able to complete their project by the deadline. We hope no one will fail their independent research project. However, students that do not make progress throughout the semester and do not complete satisfactory research can and will fail this course. 
Preparing the checkpoint document is not supposed to be difficult or take much of your time. All you must do is write approximately a one-page document that clearly explains what you have accomplished so far. Mention any ideas you have had, software you have built, related research you have evaluated and papers or textbooks you have read . If you are having difficulty making progress on your project due to some obstacle, explain the obstacle and a plan for overcoming the problem. 
To get credit for preparing your checkpoint document you must do two things: 
1. You must have a meeting with your advisor in which they read your document and fill out & sign your thesis midpoint form ( form is here ). Naturally, you can e-mail your advisor your document and have them read it in advance of your meeting if you want. 
2. You must return the signed form to the UGC by the deadline (see important dates page ). 
Notice, it is your job to return the signed form to the UGC by the deadline . That means you have to write your document in advance of the deadline and arrange to have a meeting with your advisor in advance of the deadline. You will be penalized for turning in a form late. However, there is no penalty for turning in a form early! 
Some of our faculty, staff and students continue to be challenged by the aftermath of the hurricane.    If you have any problem communicating or meeting 
with your advisor, please let me know . 

Colleen Kenny-McGinley 
Undergraduate Coordinator 
Dept. of Computer Science 
ckenny at princeton.edu 
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