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Mona Singh mona at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Sep 18 10:20:44 EDT 2012

Dear IW students:

FYI - Here is a (partial) list of faculty outside of the CS department 
who have advised undergrad IW projects in the past couple of years-

Mona Singh

floudas at titan.Princeton.EDU - Floudas (Protein Structure)

chiangm at Princeton.EDU – Mung Chiang (Internet & business)

alaink at Princeton.EDU – Kornhauser (ORFE)

matthewb at Princeton.EDU – Matthew Botvinick (Brain & Behavior)

aburrows at Princeton.EDU – Adam Burrows (Astrophysics)

knorman at Princeton.EDU – Ken Norman (Neuroscience/Machine Learning & 

hastone at princeton.edu – H. Stone (MAE)

dmitrie at princeton.edu - D. Tzmoczko (Music)

brody at princeton.edu – C. Brody (Neuroscience)

sharad at princeton.edu - S. Malik (EE)

jvertesi at princeton.edu - J. Vertesi (Sociology)

bbassler at princeton.edu - Bonnie Bassler (Mol Bio)

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