[iw] Dropbox Presentation Link for 1 Semester Spring Presentations

Colleen E. Kenny-McGinley ckenny at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Feb 26 08:57:50 EST 2014

Good Morning, 

Please send your proposal presentations to the the dropbox at this link: 


Thank you! 


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Hi Colleen, 

Margaret and I have been getting emails saying the students have had 
trouble uploading their presentations to dropbox. I finally figured 
out this is due to the link sent in the reminder email from WASS, 
which is incorrect. The correct link, which is on the "deadlines" web 
page for IW is this: 


Could you please update the link in the WASS reminders and also send 
email to the IW students saying the link in the WASS reminders was 
wrong and the correct link is the one above? 



Colleen Kenny-McGinley 
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Dept. of Computer Science 
ckenny at princeton.edu 
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