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Greetings from the independent work mentors! 
We have two new workshops coming up next week; one targeted to Junior students and the other to Senior students. 
Please circulate the announcements below. 

Thank you in advance. 

Your Local Independent Work Mentor(IWM) Representative 

>From the Academy to the Community—Putting Your Thesis to Work 
Workshop on April 28, noon to 1:15 pm (lunch provided) 
The Writing Center 

RSVP: http://writing.princeton.edu/signup/t/fromtheacademytothecommunity 

You’ve worked all year on your thesis and have important information to share with the world beyond campus. How do you communicate your findings to a non-academic audience? This workshop will help you boil down your argument and identify your most important (and realistic) recommendations for practitioners and policymakers who care about your subject. Open to all, the workshop will be especially useful to seniors submitting their thesis for CBLI’s Dean Hank Dobin Prize in Community-Based Independent Work, which requires a short report for a public or nonprofit partner. Workshop leaders include Alex Kasdin ’14, Trisha Thorme (Community-Based Learning Initiative), and Amanda Irwin Wilkins (Writing Program). 


JP Homestretch: A Writing Workshop for All 

Tuesday, April 28, 6:00-7:30pm 
Rocky/Mathey Classroom (above Rocky Common Room) 
RSVP here: http://writing.princeton.edu/signup/t/JP_homestretch 

No matter where you are in the junior paper process, this workshop is for you! Come take stock of what you have, figure out what’s left to do, and leave with a plan to get you across the finish line. 


Colleen Kenny-McGinley 
Undergraduate Coordinator 
Dept. of Computer Science 
ckenny at princeton.edu 
(609) 258-1746 
(609) 258-1771 (Fax) 
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