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Spring 2015 Weekly E-News of the McGraw Undergraduate Program 	

Issue 8 

Week 8 @McGraw 3/29-4/4 
Learning Consultations 
McGraw Tutoring 
McGraw Profiles 
Quick Links 
Campus Resources for Writing 

Campus Resources for Research 

Online Resources for Undergraduates 

Other Undergraduate Resources 

This Week @ McGraw 
Check out our upcoming programming and initiatives! 


Efficient Research Workshop 
Outside of learning the science and methods associated with your project, what can you do to become an efficient researcher? 

Tuesday, March 31, 7:30-9pm in 309 Frist 

Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination 

Gain a deeper awareness of what procrastination is and why people do it. Understand the motivational dynamics and mind games that perpetuate procrastination. Learn a variety of techniques for managing procrastination. Friday, April 3, 1:30-3pm in 330 Frist 

McGraw's Undergraduate Student Advisory Council 

Apply for a position. 


Adapt to Succeed 
Nic Voge, Associate Director 

Last week we introduced you to some useful guidelines for reflecting on exam questions and your performance on them to maximize learning FROM exams. This kind of analysis won't, however, tell you how to adapt your study methods. You'll need to reflect on your processes leading up to the exam, not just the exam itself for that. 

As you study in the second half of the term, there are some other questions to ask yourself. How did I study for this course in the first half of the term? What do I want to continue doing? What do I want to change? How can I adapt my study approach to each course based on what I've figured out? .... 

Go to McGraw's handout, "What Can I Do NOW to Prepare Myself for Dean's Date and Final Exams?" and make an appointment for a learning consultation to develop an effective approach to all your courses. 


McGraw Center Undergraduate Student Advisory Council 

We are seeking the widest range of perspectives and experiences. We want to hear your voice! 

Apply for a seat on the council. 


McGraw Learning Consultations 
(328 Frist) 

Make an appointment. 


McGraw Profiles 

Meet Theresa Meyer, Learning Consultant 

Hey there! I'm Theresa and I'm a junior from Durham, North Carolina. I'm currently majoring in Computer Science as a B.S.E. student and am also working to fulfill pre-med requirements. As someone who has switched from B.S.E. to A.B. and back and considered quite a few concentrations, I have an array of knowledge about different types of courses at Princeton. Along with being a McGraw Consultant, I'm an EMT, co-President of the Women in Science Colloquium (we host informal dinner discussions with female scientists), an Outdoor Action leader, a member of the 2 Dickinson street co-op, and a Student Technology Consultant. With such varied activities and academics, I have adapted to a wide array of demands and know how to get the most out of prerequisite classes and distribution requirements. I really enjoy helping other students practice effective time management, learn to work more efficiently, and figure out how to get the most out of the classes they're taking. I want to help students develop their own personalized strategies and techniques to reach their full potential. I love the McGraw center and I hope I get the chance to share my experiences with you! 


Individual Tutoring (328 Frist) 

Individual Tutoring Supported Courses 
CHM: 202, 304, 304b 
ECO: 100, 101 
MAT: 103, 104, 175, 201, 202 

PHY: 104 

Multiple one hour time slots available . Please make an appointment . 


Study Hall Group Tutoring (330 Frist ) 

These highly interactive tutoring sessions are designed to help students enhance their problem solving skills and strategies so that they can apply them independently and flexibly to tackle the types of challenging problems on Princeton exams. Students develop these skills by working on problem sets together and talking through the concepts underlying them. Get the most out of Study Hall . 

Study Hall Supported Courses 

CHM: 202, 304/304b 

ECO: 100, 101, 202 

MAT: 103, 104, 175, 201, 202, 204 
PHY: 102, 104 
PSY: 251 
WWS: 200 


McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, 
Princeton University 
328 Frist Campus Center 
Princeton , New Jersey 08544 



McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning 

Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


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