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hi all

reminder: francis bach is speaking today at 3PM in computer science 402.


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hi all

we are very lucky to have francis bach stopping by for a visit and a
talk next monday 4/5 at 3PM in CS 402.  in recent years, it sometimes
seems as though entire issues of JMLR are penned by francis.  he is a
great scholar and a great speaker.



  Sparse Hierarchical Dictionary Learning
  Francis Bach, INRIA - Ecole Normale Superieure

  April 5, 2010
  Computer Science 402

We consider the combination of two approaches for modeling data
admitting sparse representations: On the one hand, dictionary learning
has proven very effective for various signal restoration and
representation tasks. On the other hand, recent work on structured
sparsity provides a natural framework for modeling dependencies
between dictionary elements. We propose to combine these approaches to
learn dictionaries embedded in a hierarchy.  Experiments show that for
natural image patches, learned dictionary elements organize themselves
naturally in such a hierarchical structure, leading to an improved
performance for restoration tasks. When applied to text documents, our
method learns hierarchies of topics, thus providing a competitive
alternative to probabilistic topic models.

(joint work with Rodolphe Jenatton, Julien Mairal and Guillaume Obozinski)

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