[Ml-stat-talks] Special Biophysics JC speaker this week: Martin Weigt

Aleksandra Walczak awalczak at princeton.edu
Tue Jun 8 10:24:27 EDT 2010

Martin Weigt, a group leader from ISI Turin, is going to talk to us  
about his work this Thursday at 10am in CIL 280. Martin has done some  
very exciting work on statistical inference of protein-protein  
interactions, specifically identifying collective modes of these  
interactions. Martin is also a very engaging speaker and fun to talk  
to. Title and abstract below.


Inference of protein-protein interactions from multi-species sequence  

Experimental approaches to transient protein interactions are
laborious and serendipitous, and our understanding of fundamental
questions like the identification of interaction surfaces or the
specificity of molecular recognition between interacting proteins is
far from being complete. We propose a computational approach based
on recent techniques from the statistical physics of disordered systems,
which exploits the natural sequence variability of homologous proteins
across hundreds of species species. Using bacterial two-component
signal transduction (TCS) as a test case, we show that our method is
able  (i) to identify inter-protein residue contacts and to facilitate
the prediction of protein complex strutures, and (ii) to reconstruct a
molecular recognition code which elucidates specificity in signal
transduction in bacteria.

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