[Ml-stat-talks] COS513: Foundations of Probabilistic Modeling

David Blei blei at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri May 14 10:22:28 EDT 2010

hi ml-stat-talks

i am writing to announce my course for next semester, "foundations of
probabilistic modeling."  this is a graduate course (and is open to
upper-level undergraduates).  we will teach the practice of
probabilistic modeling---devising, computing with, and diagnosing
probabilistic models for data analysis.

i hope that this course will be of interest to student in a variety of
departments.  the past offering had students from sociology,
psychology/neuroscience, electrical engineering, computational
biology, ORFE, mathematics, and computer science.

for an idea of what we will cover, see last year's web-site


this years syllabus will be similar, though we will spend more time on
approximate posterior inference and i will add a unit on model
diagnosis and model checking.

the prerequisites are calculus, linear algebra, and some exposure to
probability.  please see me if you are interested in the course but
not sure if you have the right background.

finally, if you are planning on taking the course, please sign up
early.  graduate courses are given a TA with a minimal number of
enrolled students.  it helps the CS department's planning if we know
sooner rather than later whether we'll need a TA.

all the best,

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