[Ml-stat-talks] Statistics Seminar Tomorrow

Jelena Bradic jbradic at Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 22 11:14:46 EST 2010

Dear all,

Join us for what promises to be an interesting talk.

When/where: Sherrerd Hall 213, Tuesday  November 23rd 12:30pm

Speaker: Stephen Portnoy, Department of Statistics, UNIVERSITY OF  

Title: "Is Ignorance Bliss: some surprising results in survival  
quantile analysis"

Abstract: "  While censored data is sufficiently common to have  
generated an enormous field of applied statistical research, the  
basic model for such data is also sufficiently non-standard to  
provide ample surprises to the statistical theorist, especially one  
who is too quick to assume regularity conditions. Here we show that  
estimators of the survival quantile function based on assuming  
additional information about the censoring distribution behave more  
poorly than estimators (like the inverse of Kaplan-Meier) that  
discard this information. This phenomenon will be explored with  
special emphasis on the Powell estimator, which assumes that all  
censoring times are observed. "


Jelena Bradic
PhD Candidate
Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544
jbradic at princeton.edu

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