[Ml-stat-talks] Vapnik talk, mon, 11/29, 3pm, CS sm. aud.

Robert Schapire schapire at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 22 16:35:26 EST 2010

Vladimir Vapnik, who is renowned for his pioneering and extremely 
high-impact work on machine learning, will give a talk this coming 
Monday, November 29, at 3pm in the small auditorium (room 105) of the 
Computer Science building.  See the abstract below.

                       Vladimir Vapnik


The existing machine learning paradigm considers a simple scheme:
given a set of training examples find in a given collection of
functions the one that in the best possible way approximates the
unknown decision rule. In such a paradigm a teacher does not play any

In human learning, however, the role of a teacher is very important:
along with examples a teacher provides students with explanations,
comments, comparisons, and so on. In this talk I will introduce
elements of human teaching in machine learning.  I will introduce an
advanced learning paradigm called learning using privileged
information (LUPI), where at the training stage a teacher gives some
additional information about training examples. This privileged
information will not be available during test stage.

I will consider LUPI paradigm for support vector machine type of
algorithms and demonstrate big superiority of the advanced learning
paradigm over classical one.

The new learning paradigm is general; it can be apply to almost any
learning problem.

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