[Ml-stat-talks] Statistics Seminar this Wednesday Oct 6th

Jelena Bradic jbradic at Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 4 11:25:08 EDT 2010

The meeting place is : Room 213, Sherred Hall, Statistics Lab at  
12:30 pm.

Dear all,

This Wednesday at 12:30pm we will be having a Statistics Seminar talk  
with Richard Samworth from Cambridge University.

Title: "Title: Optimal weighted nearest neighbor classifiers"


Classifiers based on nearest neighbors are perhaps the simplest and  
most intuitively appealing of all nonparametric classifiers. Arguably  
the most obvious defect with the $k$-nearest neighbor classifier is  
that it places equal weight on the class labels of each of the $k$  
nearest neighbors to the point being classified.  Intuitively, one  
would expect improvements in terms of the misclassification rate to  
be possible by putting decreasing weights on the class labels of the  
successively more distant neighbors.  In this talk, we determine the  
optimal weighting scheme, and quantify the benefits attainable.   
Remarkably, the improvements depend only on the dimension of the  
data, not on the underlying population densities.


Jelena Bradic
PhD Candidate
Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544
jbradic at princeton.edu

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