[Ml-stat-talks] Statistics Seminar, Friday Oct 15th, 12:30pm, Sherrerd Hall 213

Jelena Bradic jbradic at Princeton.EDU
Wed Oct 13 15:52:49 EDT 2010

Dear all,

This is an announcement of a new Statistics Seminar talks that is  
happening this Friday at 12:30pm in ORFE 213.

Title: "Know your epidemic: Social network approaches to studying  
hidden populations most at-risk for HIV"

Abstract: There are an estimated 33 million people living with HIV  
worldwide.  In most countries, these infections are concentrated  
within three groups: drug injectors, men who have sex with men, and  
sex workers.  Unfortunately, standard sampling methods are poorly  
suited for studying these groups, and the resulting lack of data  
about the sizes and disease prevalence of these groups limits efforts  
to design and evaluate policy to slow the spread of the disease.  In  
this talk, I will present two new network-based sampling methods for  
studying these hidden populations that are rapidly becoming standard  
methods in global public health: respondent-driven sampling and the  
network scale-up method.  I will present results from a recent study  
estimating the number of heavy drug users in Curitiba, Brazil, and I  
will discuss plans for upcoming national-level studies in Brazil  
(n=25,000) and Rwanda (n=6,000).  Finally, I will discuss important  
open problems with both methods, and how these methods relate to  
problems of sampling in networks more generally.

Jelena Bradic

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