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Distinguished Lecture Series (Rutgers)
9/14/2010 01:00 pm
CoRE Auditorium (Room 101), Busch Campus, Rutgers

  Great Moments in KR: The 1984 Complexity Convergence

    Ron Brachman, Yahoo!

      Faculty Host: Michael L. Littman


The 1970's were a fertile and exciting time for Artificial 
Intelligence.This was especially true in the area of Knowledge 
Representation, where numerous novel languages and systems were created 
and debated, and a burgeoning set of AI applications were supported by 
frames, semantic networks, production rules, and other idiosyncratic KR 
schemes.  But the issues under debate were often vague, and intuition 
and implementation-based arguments reigned, with little or no formal 
basis for discussion.  Fortunately, in the late '70's and early '80's, 
out of this energetic but murky environment emerged several important 
lines of thought that promised to put elements of the field on a firmer 
foundation.  By 1984 these threads had been developed enough that they 
could be knitted together, and out of this convergence a new kind of 
formal analysis of KR systems became possible.  We look at the birth and 
evolution of several key ideas and how they came together to allow us to 
draw some interesting conclusions about the computational complexity of 
core inferences in a mainstream form of KR.  We also make some 
observations about the aftermath, and how that moment in the history of 
the field seemed to mark a sea change in approaches to Knowledge 


Ron Brachman is Vice President of Worldwide Research Operations and head 
of Academic Relations at Yahoo!. Previously he served as the Director of 
DARPA's Information Processing Technology Office, and held senior 
research management jobs at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs. Brachman was 
President of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence from 
2003-2005. He is a Founding Fellow of AAAI, a Fellow of the ACM, and a 
Fellow of the IEEE. At the International Joint Conference on Artificial 
Intelligence in January of 2007 he was awarded the Donald E. Walker 
Distinguished Service Award. He is also the author of an important AI 
textbook (with H. Levesque),Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

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