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hi ml-stat-talks

abhinav gupta is giving a CS colloquium about computer vision on wednesday.

see below.


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Beyond Naming: Image Understanding via Physical, Functional and Causal
Abhinav Gupta, Carnegie Mellon University
Wednesday, March 23, 4:30pm
Computer Science 105

What does it mean to "understand" an image? One popular answer is
simply naming the objects seen in the image. During the last decade
most computer vision researchers have focused on this "object naming"
problem. While there has been great progress in detecting things like
"cars" and "people", such a level of understanding still cannot answer
even basic questions about an image such as "What is the geometric
structure of the scene?", "Where in the image can I walk?" or "What is
going to happen next?". In this talk, I will show that it is
beneficial to go beyond mere object naming and harness relationships
between objects for image understanding. These relationships can
provide crucial high-level constraints to help construct a
globally-consistent model of the scene, as well as allow for powerful
ways of understanding and interpreting the underlying image.
Specifically, I will present image and video understanding systems
that incorporate: (1) physical relationships between ob
 jects via a qualitative 3D volumetric representation; (2) functional
relationships between objects and actions via data-driven physical
interactions; and (3) causal relationships between actions via a
storyline representation. I will demonstrate the importance of these
relationships on a diverse set of real-world images and videos.

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