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Andrea Montanari from Stanford is giving a talk tomorrow (Monday) - please
see details below. 





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DATE: Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 

PLACE: 214 Fine Hall 

TIME: 4:30 pm 

SPEAKER: Andrea Montanari, Stanford University

TITLE: Sharp Thresholds in Statistical Estimation

Sharp thresholds are ubiquitous high-dimensional combinatorial structures.
The oldest example is probably the sudden emergence of the giant component
in random graphs, first discovered by Erdos an Renyi. More recently,
threshold phenomena have started to play an important role in some
statistical learning and statistical signal processing problems, in part
because of the interest in 'compressed sensing'. The basic setting is one in
which a large number of noisy observations of a high-dimensional object are
made. As the ratio of the number of observations to the number of `hidden
dimensions' crosses a threshold, our ability to reconstruct the object
increases dramatically. I will discuss several examples of this phenomenon,
and some algorithmic and mathematical ideas that allow to characterize these
threshold phenomena. [based on joint work with Mohsen Bayati, David Donoho,
Iain Johnstone, Arian Maleki] 

Coffee & Tea will be served at 3:55 p.m. in 217A Fine Hall

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