[Ml-stat-talks] Wed: Aryeh Kontorovich on learning in metric spaces

Robert Schapire schapire at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 3 19:07:42 EDT 2011

Also, if you would like to meet with Aryeh, which I'm sure he would 
enjoy, feel free to contact him directly to schedule a time -- 
karyeh at cs.bgu.ac.il.  I believe he will be in the local area for much of 


On 10/2/2011 9:04 PM, David Mimno wrote:
> This Wednesday we will have Aryeh Kontorovich from Ben Gurion
> University of the Negev.
> The talk will be at 12:30 in CS402. These talks are always interesting, but
> this week I am particularly looking forward to learning more about the
> "fat-shattering dimension"!
> Title:
> Learning in Metric Spaces: Classification, Regression, Anomaly Detection
> Abstract:
> Using Lipschitz extensions for classification in metric spaces was
> apparently first proposed by von Luxburg and Bousquet (2004), who also
> noted that algorithmically, the solution can be realized as a
> nearest-neighbor search. In a COLT 2010 paper, we showed how to
> exploit the intrinsic geometry of the metric space to construct highly
> efficient classifiers and to derive data-dependent generalization
> bounds. We employed the doubling dimension on two fronts:
> information-theoretically, to control the fat-shattering dimension of
> Lipschitz functions (which yields error estimates), and
> algorithmically, to perform approximate nearest-neighbor search
> exponentially faster than the exact one. Since then, we have extended
> this technique to regression and anomaly detection. The talk, intended
> for a broad audience, will present an overview of our recent results,
> obtained in collaboration with: Daniel Berend, Lee-Ad Gottlieb, Danny
> Hendler, Eitan Menahem, Robert Krauthgamer.
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