[Ml-stat-talks] Reminder: Rafael Irizarry today at 4:15PM

jstorey at princeton.edu jstorey at princeton.edu
Mon Oct 17 10:09:46 EDT 2011

Rafael Irizarry, excellent applied statistician, giving a talk today in Carl Icahn 101 at 4:15PM.  Details below...

> Rafael Irizarry from the Department of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins
> University will be giving a talk in the Lewis-Sigler Institute this
> Monday, Oct 17, at 4:15pm in Carl Icahn Lab 101. Rafa is a very prominent
> applied statistician, who won the COPSS Presidents' Award and is one of
> the most highly cited statisticians active today. His talk seems to be
> fairly biological, but I am confident there will be plenty of interesting
> content for those on this list.
> Title: Epigenetic variation as a driving force for development,
> evolutionary adaptation, and cancer
> Location: Carl Icahn Lab 101
> Date/Time: 10/17/11 at 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
> Abstract: Epigenetics is the study of nonsequence-based changes, such as
> DNA methylation, heritable during cell division. Previous attempts to
> incorporate epigenetics into evolutionary thinking have focused on
> environmentally directed epigenetic changes. In this talk I describe a new
> theory for a role of epigenetics in evolution that suggests that genetic
> variants that do not change mean phenotype could change the variability of
> phenotype; and this could be mediated epigenetically. This inherited
> stochastic variation model would provide a mechanism to explain an
> epigenetic role of developmental biology in selectable phenotypic
> variation, largely unexplained heritable genetic variation underlying
> common complex disease, and heterogeneity in various functional endpoints
> in cancer. I will described some of the statistical methods developed to
> effectively measure genome-wide methylation with microarrays and second
> generation sequencing, as well as methods to determine sites enriched for
> variability. I will also show some statistical simulations to motivate the
> evolution model.
> http://rafalab.jhsph.edu/ [1]

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