[Ml-stat-talks] "provable bounds in machine learning" workshop

David Blei blei at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Jul 29 13:42:16 EDT 2012

hi ml-stat-talks

in case it helps you make up your mind, the organizers sent me a
tentative schedule for the workshop that rob announced.  these are all
top-notch scholars and speakers.

Day 1 (Wed, August 1st):
9:30-10: breakfast and coffee (provided)
10-11 Michael Collins "Provable ML Methods for Natural Language Processing"
11-12 Sanjeev Arora. "Is Machine Learning Easy? Three vignettes."
12-1:30 Lunch (provided)
1:30-2:30 Sham Kakade " Scalable Spectral Methods for Learning Latent
Variable Models."
2:30-3:30 Percy Liang "Learning Latent-Variable Models of Natural Language"
3:30-4 Coffee break
4-5: David Sontag "Probabilistic Inference as Statistical Recovery."
5-6: Yann LeCun
6:30-9 Dinner (provided) and informal discussion session

Day 2 (Thurs, August 2nd):
9:30-10: breakfast and coffee (provided)
10:00-11:00 John Lafferty "Dictionary Learning and Sparsified
Covariance Matrices for Linear Estimation."
11:00-12:00 Rob Schapire "Explaining Adaboost."
12:-1:30 Lunch (provided)
1:30-2:30  Nina Balcan "Incorporating unlabeled data and interaction
in the learning process."
2:30-3:00 Coffee break
3:00-4:00 Sasha Rakhlin "Online Learning: A Minimax Analysis and an
Algorithmic Framework."

as rob mentioned, please RSVP to ankur if you plan to attend.  details
are in this link:



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