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  Jerry Reiter (Duke Statistics) is giving a talk at the political methodology seminar on this Friday about the confidentiality in public use data.


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Hi everyone,

This week in the methods seminar Jerry Reiter (Duke) will be giving a talk titled "Protecting Confidentiality in Public Use Data with Multiple Imputation". The abstract for the talk is:
"Many statistical agencies and survey organizations strive to release data to the public that (i) inform a wide range of analyses, (ii) protect confidentiality of data subjects, and (iii) are convenient to use. Meeting all three objectives is a difficult task. One approach is to release multiply-imputed, synthetic data sets in which sensitive or identifying values are replaced with values simulated from statistical models. This approach has been used, for example, by the Census Bureau to disseminate data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation, the Longitudinal Business Database, and the American Community Survey group quarters data. In this talk, I describe this novel use of multiple imputation. I review several recent applications and present the statistical theory needed to obtain valid inferences from the multiply-imputed data sets."
A copy of the paper for the talk and the the seminar's calendar for the rest of the semester can be found at http://q-aps.princeton.edu/book/political-methodology-research-seminar. If you would like to meet with Jerry Reiter next Friday please email me at cvelasco at princeton.edu<mailto:cvelasco at princeton.edu>. As always, we will be meeting on Friday at noon in Corwin 127. Lunch will be served.



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