[Ml-stat-talks] matt taddy: monday november 11 at 1:30pm

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>> ml-stat-talks
>> mark your calendars for next monday november 11 at 1:30pm.  matt taddy
>> from the university of chicago will discuss inverse regression,
>> including his latest JASA discussion paper "multinomial inverse
>> regression for text analysis".  matt has deep intuitions, interesting
>> results, and a fresh perspective on analyzing massive discrete data
>> sets.
>> the details are below my signature.
>> best
>> dave
>> ---
>> Inverse Regression for Analysis of Big Count Data
>> Matthew Taddy
>> University of Chicago
>> Monday, November 11
>> 1:30PM
>> Computer Science, Room 301
>> Much of the data we encounter occur as counts in a massive number of
>> categories: think of word usage in text mining, or domain visits in
>> web analytics. This data is accompanied by a smaller set of attributes
>> -- associated with, say, an author or IP address -- and we want to be
>> able to build a model that will be useful when some of these
>> attributes are unobserved.  This talk will discuss multinomial inverse
>> regression as a strategy for projecting from high-dimensional counts
>> onto such a set of attributes.  We'll consider the computational and
>> statistical reasons one would want to do this, and consider a series
>> of examples on how the techniques can work (or not work) in both
>> inference and prediction.
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