[Ml-stat-talks] [Theory-Read] Math Colloquium - Elchanan Mossel (UC Berkeley) - November 7

Amit Singer amits at math.Princeton.EDU
Thu Oct 24 22:35:07 EDT 2013

Elchanan will also give a lunch talk same day at noon in Fine Hall Commons
Room on extremal sets and partitions for correlation and isoperimetry in
discrete and continuous spaces.

The lunch talk is unrelated to the afternoon colloquium.




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November 7


Mark your calendars, this talk looks really good! 

Speaker:  Elchanan Mossel, UC Berkeley
Event Location: Fine Hall 314

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Title: On sparse block models

Block models are random graph models which have been extensively studied in
statistics and theoretical computer science as models of communities and
clustering. A conjecture from statistical physics by Decelle et. al predicts
an exact formula for the location of the phase transition for statistical
detection for this model. I will discuss recent progress towards a proof of
the conjecture. Along the way, I will outline some of the mathematics
relating a popular inference algorithm named belief propagation, the zeta
functions of random graphs and Gibbs measure on trees. Based on joint works
with Joe Neeman and Allan Sly.


Philippe Rigollet





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