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via matt salganik.  topic modeling and political science.  this looks
very interesting.


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Subject: This Friday in the Political Methodology Seminar: Dustin
Tingley and Brandon Stewart (Harvard)
Date: April 28, 2014 8:15:01 PM EDT
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Hi everyone,

This Friday, May 1, Dustin Tingley and Brandon Stewart (Harvard
University) will be giving a talk titled "Structural Topic Models for
the Social Sciences" in the Political Methodology Seminar.  The
paper's abstract is:

"We develop the Structural Topic Model which provides a general way to
incorporate corpus structure or document metadata into the standard
topic model.  Document-level covariates enter the model through a
simple generalized linear model framework in the prior distributions
controlling either topical prevalence or topical content.  We
demonstrate the model’s use in a range of examples, including Islamic
fatwah's, open ended responses in surveys, and student feedback in
MOOC's. Companion papers and a full featured R package, stm, are
available at www.structuraltopicmodel.com.  For seminar participants
wanting concise introductions to the method and software, see the
vignette. For seminar participants interested in survey data, see the
forthcoming AJPS paper."

The seminar's calendar for the rest of the semester can be found at:
As always, we will be meeting at noon on Friday in Corwin 127.  Lunch
will be served.



Yuki Shiraito
Ph.D. candidate
Department of Politics
Princeton University
E-mail: shiraito at princeton.edu

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