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elad hazan from the technion is giving a special seminar on monday
2/3.  this looks fascinating, especially to those of you interested in
optimization on large data sets.  see below.

note: elad hazan is one of the co-authors of the adagrad algorithm,
which is a game-changer in stochastic optimization, and received his
phd from our CS department.


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Hello all,

We will have a special seminar on Monday Feb 3rd at 12:30pm. We will
meet in CS 302 and our speaker will be Elad Hazan.
Please find the talk title and abstract below. Hope to see you there.


Projection-free online learning
Modern large data sets prohibit any super-linear time operations. This
motivates the study of iterative optimization algorithms with low
complexity per iteration. The computational bottleneck in applying
state-of-the-art iterative methods is usually the so-called
"projection step".
We consider projection-free optimization that replaces projections by
more efficient linear optimization steps. We give the first
linearly-converging algorithm of this type, and describe applications
to online learning and stochastic optimization.

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