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Talk of interest on Thursday on reinforcement learning.

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*Susan Murphy*

*Supported by the Amy C. Kern and John M. Goldsmith ‘85 Fund for
Neuroscience *

University of Michigan

HE Robbins Distinguished University Professor Statistics, Research

(Institute for Social Research) & Professor of Psychiatry

*Thursday, December 10th*


*A32 Princeton Neuroscience Institute*

*“*Learning Treatment Policies in Mobile Health*”*


We describe a sequence of steps that facilitate effective learning of
treatment policies in mobile health.   These include a clinical trial with
associated sample size calculator and data analytic methods.   An
off-policy  Actor-Critic algorithm is developed for learning a treatment
policy from this clinical trial data. Open problems abound in this area,
including the development of a variety of online predictors of risk of
health problems, missing data and disengagement.

Please join us for a reception in the Study Hall immediately following the

Host: Yael Niv

*Paryn A. Wallace*


132A Princeton Neuroscience Institute

*Telephone – 609-258-7732 <609-258-7732>*

*Fax – 609-258-7710 <609-258-7710>*
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