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Reminder for the talk today.

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Colloquium Speaker
Yoram Singer, Google Research
Monday, February 9, 4:30pm
Computer Science 105

Learning compact models from high dimensional large datasets

I review the design, analysis, and implementation of stochastic
optimization techniques, online algorithms, and modeling approaches for
learning in high dimensional spaces using large amounts of data. The focus
is on algorithms and models that are efficient, accurate, and yield compact
models. Concretely, the forward-backward shrinkage algorithm (Fobos),
mirror descent for learning composite objectives (COMID), and the adaptive
gradient (AdaGrad) algorithm. We also discuss simple yet effective modeling
approaches based on locality for learning from high dimensional data.

Yoram Singer is a senior research scientist at Google. From 1999 through
2007 he was an associate professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
>From 1995 through 1999 he was a member of the technical staff at AT&T
Research. He was the co-chair of the conference on Computational Learning
Theory (COLT) in 2004 and of Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)
in 2007. He serves as an editor of the Journal of Machine Learning, IEEE
Signal Processing Magazine, and IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine

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