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Note a change in the location.

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Subject: location change: CSML Seminar | Michael Jordan | Weds March 4,
4:30pm | NOW FRIST 302
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Hi, everyone. The location of this seminar has been changed to FRIST 302.
The main entrance to this room is located at the front of the room, so
please try to avoid arriving late.

> On Mar 3, 2015, at 9:28 AM, Storey, John D. <
jstorey at exchange.Princeton.EDU> wrote:
> Michael Jordan is speaking tomorrow as a part of the CSML Inaugural
Seminar Series.  I have included his title and abstract below.
> Michael I. Jordan
> University of California, Berkeley
> Further Explorations at the Computational and Statistical Interface
> One of the grand challenges of our era is the attempt to bring
> computational and statistical ideas together in a theoretically-
> grounded framework for scalable statistical inference.  This is
> made challenging by the lack of a role for computational concepts
> such as "runtime" in core statistical theory and the lack of a
> role for statistical concepts such as "risk" in core computational
> theory.  I discuss our ongoing attempts to build bridges between
> "computational thinking" and "inferential thinking," including
> the theoretical study of lower bounds that embody computational and
> statistical constraints, and the development of procedures that
> make controlled use of parallel and distributed architectures in
> statistical inference.
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