[Ml-stat-talks] Two talks of interest: TensorFlow (Zhifeng Chen) and Petuum (Eric Xing)

Barbara Engelhardt bee at princeton.edu
Thu Mar 3 17:02:09 EST 2016

>From 3-5pm on Friday Marcy 4th in Room 302 COS there are two talks of
interest to the ML community organized by Kai Li.

Title: Petuum: A distributed architecture for Machine Learning

Speaker: Prof. Eric Xing from CMU

Title: TensorFlow: A Large-Scale Machine Learning System

Speaker: Zhifeng Chen, Google Inc.


Neural networks and machine learning in general have enjoyed a massive
come-back over the last 10 years. In both academia and industry, they have
now become mainstream and continue to make large improvements in many
artificial intelligence areas such as image recognition, speech recognition
and synthesis, machine translation, natural language processing, etc.  To
satisfy the increasing demand of both research and application, Google
Brain has developed its next generation machine learning infrastructure,
TensorFlow™, since late 2014 and made it public available (tensorflow.org)
as an open source software in late 2015.  This talk will describe
TensorFlow’s programming model, system architecture and recent

Barbara E Engelhardt
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Center for Statistics and Machine Learning
Princeton University
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