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Talk of interest next week.

=== ORFE Colloquium Announcement ===

DATE:  Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TIME:  4:30pm

LOCATION:  Sherrerd Hall, room 101

SPEAKER:  Yann LeCun, Facebook AI Research & New York University

TITLE:  Deep Learning and Obstacles to AI, Mathematical and Otherwise

BIO:  Yann LeCun is Director of AI Research at Facebook and Silver
Professor at New York University, affiliated with the Courant Institute,
the Center for Neural Science and the Center for Data Science, for which he
served as founding director until 2014. He received an EE Diploma from
ESIEE (Paris) in 1983, a PhD in Computer Science from Université Pierre et
Marie Curie (Paris) in 1987. After a postdoc at the University of Toronto,
he joined AT&T Bell Laboratories. He became head of the Image Processing
Research Department at AT&T Labs-Research in 1996, and joined NYU in 2003
after a short tenure at the NEC Research Institute. In late 2013, LeCun
became Director of AI Research at Facebook, while remaining on the NYU
Faculty part-time. He was visiting professor at Collège de France in 2016.
His research interests include machine learning and artificial
intelligence, with applications to computer vision, natural language
understanding, robotics, and computational neuroscience. He is best known
for his work in deep learning and the invention of the convolutional
network method which is widely used for image, video and speech
recognition. He is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, the
recipient of the 2014 IEEE Neural Network Pioneer Award, the 2015 IEEE
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Distinguished Researcher Award,
the 2016 Lovie Award for Lifetime Achievement, and a honorary doctorate
from IPN, Mexico.
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