[Ml-stat-talks] Mathematical Statistics and Learning

Ramon van Handel rvan at Princeton.EDU
Tue May 9 11:44:29 EDT 2017

Dear all,

There is a long history of fruitful interplay between mathematics on the 
one hand, and statistics and related fields on the other hand. However, 
the current fashion in statistics has tended to somewhat de-emphasize 
mathematical innovation as a driver of research in statistics and data 
science, in spite of the fact that recent breakthroughs (for example, in 
compressed sensing, or in community detection) were directly enabled by 
and generated new mathematics. To provide a home for top-tier mathematical 
contributions to statistics, machine learning, and data science, there is 
a recent initiative to start a new journal in this area. The editorial 
model for this journal is based on that of high-level math journals, and 
it will be published by the European Mathematical Society.

I attach below the announcement provided by Gabor Lugosi and Shahar 
Mendelson on behalf of the Editorial Board. The official website is here: 

We hope you will help make this effort a success by submitting 
mathematical work of the highest quality in statistics and data science!

All the best, -- Ramon


The journal is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in all 
aspects of Mathematical Statistics and Learning, including those studied 
in traditional areas of Statistics and in Machine Learning as well as in 
Theoretical Computer Science and Signal Processing. We believe that at 
this point in time there is no venue for top level mathematical 
publications in those areas, and our aim is to make the new journal such a 

The journal’s Editorial Board consists of the Editors,

Luc Devroye (McGill),

Gabor Lugosi (UPF Barcelona),

Shahar Mendelson (Technion and ANU),

Elchanan Mossel (MIT),

Mike Steele (U. Pennsylvania),

Alexandre Tsybakov (ENSAE),

Roman Vershynin (U. Michigan),

and the Associate Editors,

Sebastien Bubeck (Microsoft Research),

Andrea Montanari (Stanford),

Jelani Nelson (Harvard),

Philippe Rigollet (MIT),

Sara van de Geer (ETH – Zurich),

Ramon van Handel (Princeton),

Rachel Ward (UT – Austin).

The success of the journal depends entirely on our community;  we need 
your help and support in making it the success we believe it can be. We 
therefore ask that you consider submitting to the journal results you 
think are of a very high quality.

The first issue of the journal is scheduled to appear in early 2018.

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