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Talk of interest

*-----   Princeton Optimization Seminar   -----*

*Date:*  *Thursday, October 26th *

*Time:    *4:30PM

*Location:*  Sherrerd Hall 101

*Speaker:    *Diego Cifuentes, MIT

*Title:    *Graphical structure in polynomial systems:  Chordal networks

Abstract:  The sparsity structure of a system of polynomial equations or an
optimization problem can be naturally described by a graph summarizing the
interactions among the decision variables. It is natural to wonder whether
the structure of this graph might help in computational algebraic geometry
tasks (e.g., in solving the system). In particular, the notion of
chordality and treewidth play a pivotal role in related areas such as
numerical linear algebra, database theory, constraint satisfaction, and
graphical models. Our main contribution is the introduction of a new
representation of structured polynomial systems: “chordal networks”.
Chordal networks provide a computationally convenient decomposition of the
system into simpler (triangular) polynomial sets, while maintaining its
underlying graphical structure. We illustrate through examples from
different application domains that algorithms based on chordal networks can
significantly outperform existing techniques.

Short Bio: Diego Cifuentes is a Ph.D. candidate in the Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science department at MIT, where he works under
the supervision of Pablo Parrilo. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics and
Electronics Engineering from Universidad de los Andes. His research
interests include semidefinite optimization, polynomial optimization,
computational algebra, and their applications in sciences and engineering.
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