[parsec-users] compiling PARSEC for Linux on SPARC - bus error with canneal

Kshitij Sudan kshitij at cs.utah.edu
Tue Apr 1 23:56:33 EDT 2008


I am trying to compile these benchmarks for SPARC v9 architecture and
canneal compiles correctly (after minor hacks in some of the arch
specific files) for this platform but at run time gives a SIGBUS (bus
error). I tried compiling the same code for x86 platform and it
compiles and runs fine without any error.

It seems some memory alignment code for acquiring a lock is broken
broken for SPARC. Any inputs how to fix this would be great.


Here's a stack trace from gdb :
Starting program: /home/kshitij/parsec_build/canneal/src/canneal 2
10000 2000 100000.nets
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
find_new_threads_callback: cannot get thread info: generic error
(gdb) c
PARSEC Benchmark Suite
Threadcount: 2
5000 moves per thread
Start temperature: 2000
netlist filename: 100000.nets
[New Thread 1476672 (LWP 7544)]

Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
[Switching to Thread 1476672 (LWP 7544)]
0x0001034c in atomic_load_acq_ptr ()
(gdb) where
#0  0x0001034c in atomic_load_acq_ptr ()
#1  0x00010e1c in threads::AtomicPtr<location_t>::Get ()
#2  0x000156cc in threads::AtomicPtr<location_t>::AtomicPtr ()
#3  0x0001b24c in netlist_elem::netlist_elem ()
#4  0x0001b2f0 in std::_Construct<netlist_elem, netlist_elem> ()
#5  0x0001b358 in std::__uninitialized_fill_n_aux<netlist_elem*,
unsigned int, netlist_elem> ()
#6  0x0001b404 in std::uninitialized_fill_n<netlist_elem*, unsigned
int, netlist_elem> ()
#7  0x0001b434 in std::__uninitialized_fill_n_a<netlist_elem*,
unsigned int, netlist_elem, netlist_elem>  ()
#8  0x0001c410 in std::vector<netlist_elem,
std::allocator<netlist_elem> >::_M_fill_insert ()
#9  0x0001c730 in std::vector<netlist_elem,
std::allocator<netlist_elem> >::insert ()
#10 0x0001c7f8 in std::vector<netlist_elem,
std::allocator<netlist_elem> >::resize ()
#11 0x00014298 in netlist::netlist ()
#12 0x000114d0 in main ()

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