[parsec-users] which program supports solaris/sparc ?

Javier Lira jlira at ac.upc.edu
Thu Apr 10 09:48:38 EDT 2008


You should modify the file config/gcc.bldconf to allow parsecmgmt to
find your compiler.

I have already compiled 7 of the Parsec workloads: blackscholes,
bodytrack, fluidanimate, streamcluster, swaptions, vips and x264 (this
one modifying something solaris specific).

The main problems I found were that the pthread library delivered with
Solaris 9 is not the one needed by Parsec. It will require Solaris 10
instead. And, as README file says, the gcc compiler should be at least
the 4.2.X version.

I hope my experience compiling that could help you. If someone else have
compiled some of the rest of the Parsec workloads for Solaris/Sparc
environment, please kindly tell your story to know how you do it.

Many thanks and best regards,


On Thu, 2008-04-10 at 12:07 +0000, Huan Fang wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to compile some programs for solaris/sparc, but it fails all 
> the time. what I got is:
> [PARSEC] Warning: At least bash version 3 is recommended. Earlier 
> versions might not function properly. Current version is 2.05.0(1)-release.
> ./parsecmgmt: /usr/bin/gcc: No such file or directory
> ./parsecmgmt: /usr/bin/g++: No such file or directory
> [PARSEC] Packages to build:  bodytrack
> [PARSEC] [========== Building package bodytrack ==========]
> [PARSEC] [---------- Analyzing package bodytrack ----------]
> [PARSEC] bodytrack depends on: hooks
> [PARSEC] [---------- Analyzing package hooks ----------]
> [PARSEC] hooks does not depend on any other packages.
> [PARSEC] [---------- Building package hooks ----------]
> [PARSEC] Removing old build directory.
> [PARSEC] Copying source code of package hooks.
> [PARSEC] Error: Cannot find Makefile in 
> /parsec-1.0/bin/../pkgs/libs/hooks/obj/sparc-solaris.gcc
> I believe there are gcc/g++ in my system, but apparently it's not in 
> /usr/bin.
> So how can I fix things up and which programs are verified to be 
> successfully compiled on solaris?  Thanks a lot.
> Best Regards,
> Huan Fang
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