[parsec-users] hooks and magic instruction

Huan Fang huanf at kth.se
Wed Apr 23 12:01:06 EDT 2008

Hi Chris,

In the last mail you mentioned
/"The hooks are special function calls that are made by all PARSEC programs at 
the defined locations. You can find the hook library and some basic 
documentation in the package "hooks" in the "libs" group. After you modified 
the package simply add your code and rebuild PARSEC. Your build configuration 
must explicitly enable the hooks, we provide one configuration which does 
that by default."
/I am wondering what's the difference between hooks and Simics magic_instruction.
Are they the same thing like a breakpoint?  BTW, I didn't find docs in the "hooks" in the "libs" group. But I found in some source code 
Is this what I should enable? and what else I should add to the code?
Thank you!


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