[parsec-users] hooks and magic instruction

Huan Fang huanf at kth.se
Wed Apr 23 13:52:41 EDT 2008

Thanks for the explanation, I will look into it.
> Hello Huan,
> The hooks are technically just function calls which we added to all
> workloads
> at predefined locations. By default these function calls do nothing more
> than
> simply measuring the time spent in the ROI (Region of Interest) which we
> defined for each workload and allowing thread affinity control via
> environment variables on Linux. The ROI includes everything except
> initialization and cleanup. We provide the build configuration 'gcc-hooks'
> which enables the hooks by default. Have a look at file
> $PARSECDIR/config/gcc-hooks.bldconf to see how to do that.
> You can use the hooks to conveniently insert code into all workloads by
> adding
> it to the correct functions in file hooks.c in the hooks package and
> rebuilding the benchmark suite. You can use this e.g. to insert magic
> instructions which are recognized by your simulator. In fact, we already
> did
> do that for Simics, but it is disabled by default. The only documentation
> which we currently provide are the comments in hooks.h. Have a look there
> to
> see how workloads call the hook functions.
> - Chris
> On Wednesday 23 April 2008 12:01 pm, Huan Fang wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> In the last mail you mentioned
>> /"The hooks are special function calls that are made by all PARSEC
>> programs
>> at the defined locations. You can find the hook library and some basic
>> documentation in the package "hooks" in the "libs" group. After you
>> modified the package simply add your code and rebuild PARSEC. Your build
>> configuration must explicitly enable the hooks, we provide one
>> configuration which does that by default."
>> /I am wondering what's the difference between hooks and Simics
>> magic_instruction. Are they the same thing like a breakpoint?  BTW, I
>> didn't find docs in the "hooks" in the "libs" group. But I found in some
>> source code #if defined(ENABLE_PARSEC_HOOKS)
>> 	__parsec_bench_begin(__parsec_bodytrack);
>> #endif
>> Is this what I should enable? and what else I should add to the code?
>> Thank you!
>> Regards,
>> Huan
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