[parsec-users] compiling statically linked vips binary

Kshitij Sudan kshitij at cs.utah.edu
Wed Apr 30 00:24:04 EDT 2008


I am trying to compile vips for Linux, such that it's statically
linked. I edited gcc.bldconf in $PARSEC/config and also vips specific
gcc.bldconf file by adding  -static and -static-libgcc to CCFLAGS,
CXXFLAG, and LDFLAGS. Still at the end of compilation, it produces a
dynamically linked executable. I am building it using "parsecmgmt"

I also re-compiled by inserting the same flags as above in gcc.bldconf
for the libraries which vips compiles (libxml2 and glibc) but that
also did not work.

any suggestions?


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