[parsec-users] fluidanimate questions

Milo Martin milom at cis.upenn.edu
Sat Aug 23 20:43:12 EDT 2008

I've rediscovered the same bug in fluidanimate that Mark Hampton asked  
about earlier.

The cells2[] array really isn't being changed after initialization, so  
the exact same computations runs each timestep.

It seems that all that is needed to fix the benchmark would be two  
calls to std::swap() at the end of each iteration.  Once to swap the  
cells2[] and cells[] pointers and once to swap the cnumPars and  
cnumPars2 pointers.

This bug is present in the original serial version, so it wasn't  
introduced during parallelization.

Is there any way to verify this problem and find out if this is indeed  
the right fix?

- Milo Martin

Milo M. K. Martin (milom at cis.upenn.edu)
Assistant Professor
Computer and Information Sciences Department
University of Pennsylvania

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