[parsec-users] Error compiling VIPS portion of PARSEC using icc 10.1.017

jcupitt at gmail.com jcupitt at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 10:07:21 EST 2008

Hi Jeff, I'm the vips maintainer.

2008/12/3 Jeff Johnson <jeff.johnson at wsm.com>:
>   I am encountering an error compiling PARSEC on x86_64 using Intel
> icc 10.1.017.  `bin/parsecmgmt -a build -c icc`
> /root/parsec-1.0/./pkgs/apps/vips/src/libsrc/iofuncs/package.c(536):
> error: identifier "PATH_MAX" is undefined
>         char dir_name[PATH_MAX];
>                       ^
> compilation aborted for
> /root/parsec-1.0/./pkgs/apps/vips/src/libsrc/iofuncs/package.c (code 2)

It looks like including <limits.h> with icc does not define PATH_MAX.
I've changed vips SVN to have:

#include <sys/param.h>
#endif /*HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H*/

as well, perhaps that'll fix it. It would be great if you could test
this fix for me (I don't have easy access to icc) and tell me if it
does the trick. You'll need to patch predicate.c in the same

Other icc users have had problems compiling the video portion of vips:
icc seems to complain about <linux/videodev.h>. You might need to edit
config.h and comment out:


New vipses have a better configure test for videodev.


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