[parsec-users] Input and output file format for Fluidanimate

Nirav Shah nirav4ever4u at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 15:13:43 EST 2008


Can anybody please explain what is required input format for fluidanimate?
For test input, a file in tarball named in_5k.fluid is given. What is .fluid
format? The output file is also generated with same extension.

Also, manual says that there are two possible inputs for this package one
with 5K size and other with 32M size. I presume 5K sized input is
test_input.tar. I have got a small clip of a game sizing around 146M. But,
no documentation about how to give this file as input to fluidanimate.

It would be really helpful if someone can please explain how to run this
benchmark with various inputs? What is required format and filenames for the
input? How to interpret output?

Nirav Shah.
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